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Hi! We are Niels and Shamira, two entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience and a great love for travel, vanlife, the outdoors, entrepreneurship and photography.

With Wander Rebel we create content for everyone who strive for a free way of living, working and traveling. We write about themes such as travel, vanlife, the great outdoors, working remote, finance and photography. Everything that gives us the ultimate feeling of freedom or with which we can create more freedom. For the hippie with a surfboard, the adventurous family, the (part-time) go-getter who works from his office on wheels, the outdoor enthusiast, the traveling environmentalist and that one person who always walks with a camera in his hand.

We like to work with brands that fit our online platform and are relevant to our audience. Collaboration can take the form of a sponsored article, sponsored social media post/story or an ambassador/partnership. Do you have a great idea yourself? Be sure to send us a message.

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Sponsored blog
With about 10,000 unique visitors per month, we love to share brands related to travel, vanlife, the great outdoors, photography and working remote. Collaboration is possible through a sponsored blog, social media or an ambassadorship. Rates depend on duration, channel and possible additional wishes. Request our media kit for more information about the possibilities, statistics and prices.

We only publish content where we honestly state the sponsorship. All sponsored links also receive a "no follow" tag. Read more about this in the disclaimer.

In addition to this online platform, we also work as a photographer with a focus on travel, outdoor and documentary. Our personal work can be found on this website and is for sale for publication. We also photograph commissioned for tourist agencies, outdoor brands, events and recreation.

Do you find the topics we write about interesting to share in an interview? Our stories about travel, vanlife, working remote and photography have appeared in some national magazines, newspapers and websites, but also on international platforms such as the Visit Sweden and Victron websites.

Website information

Readers of Wander Rebel have an above average interest in topics related to travel, the outdoors, campers, business and working remote, photography and finance. Most of our visitors are between 25-44 years old and are from the Netherlands, the USA, Germany and a lot of other mainly European countries.

On average, Wander Rebel attracts almost 10,000 unique visitors each month. Our website is available in both Dutch and English. This allows you to specifically reach the Dutch market, but also internationally.

Social Media
Wander Rebel is active on Instagram (2750+ followers) and Pinterest (97k+ views per month) where we share our tips and experiences about travelling, vanlife, outdoor, working remote, finance and photography.

Chamber of Commerce
Wander Rebel is registered under the Dutch Chamber of Commerce number 86521160.



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