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Collaborate with Wander Rebel

Would you like to collaborate? Then please read on for more information about Wander Rebel and all collaboration options, to be sure that my offer suits your brand.

Wander Rebel is an online platform for lovers of travel, the outdoors and photography. On the website you will find various blogs, photos and digital products on themes such as travel routes, vanlife, outdoor activities, working as a digital nomad and photography. For the hippie with a surfboard, the adventurous family, the entrepreneur who works from his office on wheels, the outdoor enthusiast, the traveling environmental activist and that one person who always walks with a camera in his hand.

I like to collaborate with brands that fit this platform and are an inspiration to my audience. I am available for press trips and providing photo content, but sponsoring a blog post, reviewing a product or a sponsored social media post is also possible. I have previously worked for various companies, including tourist agencies, accommodations, outdoor brands and camping stores. Clients I have worked for are, Morena Resort Curaçao, Nordic, Offgridcentrum, Victron and Visit Sweden.

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#1 – Press trips, sponsored blog post and product reviews
On my website I like to share brands that are an inspiration for lovers of travel, the outdoors and/or photography. Collaboration is possible by sponsoring a new or already published blog. This can be based on a press trip, reviewing a product or a blog in which your brand will be mentioned.

#2 - Social Media
Another option is to mention your brand, service or product and show it through my Instagram account @Wander_Rebel. This can be done in a post, story, reel or a combination of these. I take the photo, video and captions myself, but this can also be done as a collaboration in which the content is (partly) supplied by the client.

#3 – Ambassador or partnership
Would you like to enter into a collaboration in the form of an ambassador or partnership? I like to mention and showing brands that I support 100% in my (online) content on a regular basis in my blogs, photos and on social media. Such a partnership goes beyond a one-off collaboration, but has a deeper involvement in which I strive for a strong and long-lasting connection.

#4 – Photography
In addition, I work as a travel and documentary photographer with an interest in travel, the outdoors and the environment. With a passion for honest storytelling, I want to encourage others to go out and raise environmental awareness. I work on my own photo projects, but I am also available for assignments from newspapers, magazines, tourist agencies and (outdoor) brands. Check out my website for my portfolio and more information.

Website information

Visitors of Wander Rebel have an above-average interest in travel, the outdoors, camping, entrepreneurship and lifestyle. The largest group of visitors falls in the age category 25 to 44 years. Most visitors come from the Netherlands, but because my website is both available in Dutch and English, I reach visitors world wide.

On average, Wander Rebel attracts around 10,000 unique visitors every month.

Social Media
Wander Rebel is active on Instagram (3100+ followers) and Pinterest (78k+ views p.m.) where I take people into my life as a traveling photographer and share tips about the topics I blog about.

Wander Rebel is part of ARTEQX and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce: 92708579.

Prices depend on duration, medium and additional wishes. Request my media kit for more information about the options and up to date statistics and prices.

I write and photograph all content such as blogs, social media posts and images myself or together/combined/delivered in consultation. Furthermore, I adhere to the Advertising Code and only post content where the sponsorship is honestly mentioned. Read more about this in the disclaimer.



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