A good preparation is half the job. Within this category we share examples for inspiration and information that is useful to know before you start building your own motorhome.

Build your own camper

Have you found a suitable van and are you ready for your large camper project? Within this category we share our best construction and DIY tips.

Campervan Electrics

This is perhaps one of the most difficult steps in building your own motorhome: the electrics. But no worries, with a background in electrical engineering and many camper electrical installations commissioned for customers, we help you on your way to a camper with which you can camp off-grid!

Campervan electrics blogs

Campervan electrics diagrams

Kitchen: Cooking, Gas & Water

Are you looking for tips for building everything in and around the kitchen and do you want to know more about the different ways of cooking, (hot) water and gas? Within this category we share our best tips about a camper kitchen, but without tasty recipes. For that, we rather refer to a food blog :-)


When building your own motorhome, there are plenty of choices to make, also in terms of facilities. Because, for example, do you want to have a toilet in the camper and which type is best? Or do you also like to camp in the winter and are you looking for tips for the best stove? We share it in the blogs below.

After building / Camper is ready!

Is your campervan project ready? Then the traveling and camping can finally begin! Within this category we share our best motorhome tips for when travelling.